Coral Gables: Not So Fast on Nixing Medical Marijuana

According to the Miami Herald, Coral Gables, FL, leaders are changing their stance and re-visiting medical marijuana in their city. As the article states…

Commissioners decided not to take a final vote on the ban at Tuesday’s meeting. Instead, in response to a change in state law that requires dispensaries to be regulated the same way as pharmaciesthey will consider additional regulations on pharmacies.” 

The move away from an outright ban is a reversal by city leaders, including Commissioner Vince Lago, the ban’s sponsor, who emphatically said in July he didn’t “want dispensaries popping up all over the city.”

“When I sat down with them, I realized the answer of simply banning it is not appropriate. There has to be a better way to manage the zoning,” Lago said.

Until the city’s plans are finalized, it will operate with the same plan that’s been in place since 2014 — no action on dispensaries until cannabis is legal under federal law.

Read more from Miami Herald.

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