Banning Central Florida Marijuana Dispensaries Is Bad for Business & Patients

Some Central Florida towns and cities are hurting their chances at increased revenues and better patient care in the name of politics. This week, Winter Park, Florida banned medical marijuana dispensaries. Winter Garden is another neighborhood to ban the brick and mortar establishments completely.

In contrast, communities such as Seminole County’s Altamonte Springs, Longwood, and Oviedo are taking advantage of the medical cannabis boom for business and patients in need.

For those of us in the medical marijuana marketing space, we are convinced that banning these dispensaries will have a negative long  term impact on the towns and cities that choose to see cannabis for sick patients as a danger or nuisance instead of as a benefit and enhancement. Since medical and recreational cannabis have seen proven success across the country, both in terms of healthcare outcome and tax boosts for public health programs and education, the ban seems more like a battle of special interests instead of a consideration for the community.

We believe that the towns and cities who are deciding to uphold Florida’s citizens’ choice to have medical marijuana in our state will be the ones that are ultimately on the right side of history. The same goes with new medical marijuana dispensary business owners; the first leaders in the industry will pioneer its success.

What do you think about the industry’s future in Florida? Are you one of the dispensaries that will fuel its success? 

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